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Laser Kerenosis Details

Laser KEREN® Device
(for rust removal, paint detachment, and stain removal)

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About Laser KEREN®

Our Laser KEREN® is also commonly referred to as a laser cleaner(laser cleaning) or laser blast. Laser KEREN® offers high performance and safety at a competitive price. Fiber laser energy can be used to clean (remove) rust, paint, oil (degrease), carbon, rubber and resin stains, coating (DLC), white rust, red rust, blue rust, weld burn, etc.

Principle of laser-based peeling process

Laser KEREN® processing takes advantage of the difference in laser energy absorption between the substances to be detached and the base material. If the laser energy absorption rate of the substances to be detached is higher than that of the base material, the substances absorbs the laser energy and evaporates, but the base material does not absorb the laser energy (due to reflection, type of material, etc.), so there is almost no damage to the base material itself. In addition, the focused light of the laser is a point of several tens of microns and moves very fast, so it has very little thermal effect on the base material. However, laser processing is not a panacea either, and if there is no difference between the energy absorption rate of the substances to be detached and the base material, it cannot process the material. With Laser KEREN®, the scanning speed, beam width and energy of the laser spot light can be adjusted to the optimum values for the evaporation of the substances to be detached.


Laser KEREN®
High-Power Device
It is a device that radiates a continuous beam of fiber laser (CW laser) linearly to the material surface and performs processing while moving the laser injection gun. Since it has more energy per unit time than the pulsed oscillation type laser used in the low-power Laser KEREN® devices, it is suitable for processing the material with significant corrosion or the substance to be detached is thick. The excitation method using an optical fiber, the scanning method of the laser injection, and the wavelength of the injected laser are the same as those of the low-power Laser KEREN®.
  • High-Power Device1
  • High-Power Device2
LZK-1000 Maximum Power:1000W
LZK-2000 Maximum Power:2000W
Laser KEREN® Low-Power Device / Separate Type
Laser KEREN®
Low-Power Device
This laser Keren device is suitable for field work as it can be carried on the back. It operates with utility power (single- phase 100~240V). Since the Laser Unit and the Controller are separated , it is possible to carry only Laser Unit itself (about 30kg) on the back.
  • Low-Power Device / Separate Type1
  • Low-Power Device / Separate Type2
  • Low-Power Device / Separate Type3
  • Low-Power Device / Separate Type4
LZK-50S Maximum Power:50W
LZK-100S Maximum Power:100W
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